Easy Peasy Plant-Based Eating: Includes vegan nutrition guide to help you to THRIVE on plants! (65 pages)


This 65 page e-book provides a comprehensive introduction to plant-based eating. It includes a comprehensive guide to vegan nutrition and was written by Dr Amanda Benham, Accredited Practising Dietitian and her daughter Kamina.



This e-book is designed to help make healthy plant-based eating “easy peasy”, whether you are a complete newbie or a long-term vegan. It’s 65 pages long, which is coincidentally the same as the total number of years that Kamina (my daughter) and I had been vegan when we wrote this! This guide includes:

  • what type of plant-based diet I advocate, and why
  • what foods to include, what foods to avoid
  • what foods to eat every day, and how much to eat of each
  • what are the “elusive” essential nutrients you need to know about
  • how to make sure you get enough of these “elusive essentials”
  • how to plan a day’s meals using my the plant-based food groups
  • plant-based shopping list – what to buy
  • a complete 3-day meal plan of healthy plant-based eating
  • recipes for the 3-day meal plan
  • a nutritional analysis of the 3-day meal plan
  • FAQ on vegan nutrition answered
  • and more!

This guide isn’t just a meal plan with recipes, it’s a comprehensive guide to help ensure you get all the nutrients and beneficial foods you need for optimal health – because we want you to THRIVE on a plant-based diet.