Plant-Based Kids

If you’re raising or intending to raise your children on a plant-based diet, it might seem as if everyone is against you at times.  Or that when you really need some advice or assurance that you’re on the right track, you just can’t find the good evidence-based information (rather than anecdotes) that you need. Raising children on a plant-based diet is relatively new, and ensuring your child’s nutrition needs are met and helping them develop healthy eating habits and a good relationship with food is vital to their long-term health.    Because we are passionate about helping you ensure optimum health for your plant-based child, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice and guidance on this from us at the following times:

  • prior to conception
  • during your pregnancy
  • after the birth of your baby
  • when your baby is about 5 months of age (before commencing solids)
  • at 8-9 months of age
  • at 11-12 months of age
  • at 18 months of age
  • at 2-2 ½ years of age
  • prior to starting kindergarten/ pre-school
  • if fussy eating begins to develop
  • if there is a concern that food allergies or intolerance may exist
  • if there are any concerns with your child’s growth and development
  • at any time that you want to check that your child’s nutrition and eating habits are on track

baby with broccoli

Our in-house expert in paediatric nutrition is Amanda Benham, who has decades of experience as a paediatric plant-based nutrition and also raised her own children on a vegan diet. Click here to book in for an in-person, online or group consultation with Amanda.

Some words from lifelong vegan Kamina (Amanda Benham’s daughter) about being raised on a vegan diet:

“I’m not just “glad” that I was brought up vegan. Glad isn’t the word for it. I am relieved, overjoyed, deeply thankful and fiercely proud.  I can’t believe my luck at being brought up with a lifestyle that honours my planet, optimises my health and relieves me from the burden of contributing to animal suffering … I am more than glad, I am grateful.”

“,,, don’t let anybody make you feel like you don’t have a right to bring your kids up vegan. That is like saying you don’t have a right to teach your children the spiritual or religious beliefs you hold, or to expect them to conform to your ideas about what’s morally right or wrong. I was excluded by the “cool” kids at school because my parents taught me not to smoke or go shoplifting; that didn’t make them wrong for teaching me values that put me on the outer with some groups. If you are vegan because you believe it enhances your life, the lives of others or the health of our planet in some way, then there is no reason to bring your kids up eating differently to yourself.  Your lack of integrity will only confuse them.”

You can hear more about what Kamina has to say about being raised vegan on this You tube interview.