Our story

PB Nutrition was started by Accredited Practising Dietitian Amanda Benham, Australia’s leading expert in plant- based nutrition.  Amanda has been a dietitian helping people thrive on plant-based diets since 1992.  With the recent surge in interest in plant-based eating, she became concerned that people were not always getting the specialised evidence-based advice and support they needed, even from other nutrition professionals   To help overcome this, she developed a training programme for dietitians and medical practitioners who wish to up-skill in the area of plant-based nutrition.   PB Nutrition was started as a way for experts in plant-based nutrition to work together to share their knowledge, resources and experience to provide the best possible nutrition services to the plant-based public of Australia.

Amanda has been a vegan since 1983 and believes that our food choices should not only nourish us well and protect our health but also reflect our common values of kindness and justice for animals, concern for the natural environment and responsible use of resources.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help people of all ages adopt and maintain plant-based diets in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. 

As Australia’s leading experts in plant-based nutrition,  we provide education and  practical guidance to the public as well as to medical and health professionals to help the people of Australia and beyond transition to a plant-based eating pattern for the benefit of individuals, communities, animals and the environment.

Our People

We’re Highly Trained Professionals

All of our practitioners have completed a minimum of a full-time four year accredited university course in the science of nutrition and dietietics. We are all Accredited Nutritionists and Accredited Practising Dietitians, which means that in addition to our qualifications, we engage in ongoing professional education and abide by a strict code of ethics, as set out by the Dietitians’ Association of Australia.

The APD credential is a public guarantee of nutrition and dietetic expertise.  It is the only credential recognised by the Australian Government, Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and most private health funds as the quality standard for nutrition and dietetics services in Australia.

We use Evidence-based Practice

We keep up to date with the latest scientific evidence to ensure that the information and advice we provide is current and backed by scientific evidence. Many of our practitioners are actively involved in research and have published in peer-reviewed journals.

We Provide Practical Advice

We all eat a plant-based diet and give practical advice to make it easier for you to make beneficial changes to your eating habits.

We’re Responsible

We always ensure that our recommendations are safe for you and also take into account the effects on the environment and other inhabitants of earth.

We’re Client-focused

We tailor our advice to suit you in line with your unique lifestyle and health needs. We always act in the best interests of our clients, treating all of our clients with the utmost respect. We are friendly and personable and take a sincere interest in our clients’ health and well-being.

We Love Empowering our Clients

We empower our clients via education and encourage ongoing learning and questioning, not simply following instructions.

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